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We are signing up customers interested in covering the Olympic Games Rio 2016. We have photographs packages for newspapers, magazines and agencies, national and international. Contact by email: contato@midaspress.com.br


Midas Press Agency - Photojournalism.

Photography work in several areas: editorial, sport, politics and culture, daily life, documentaries, media, stock image, corporate, events, fashion, entertainment, news.

Daily coverage of journalism with instant download and sale of images. We rely on partners to offer photographers a better job.

The image bank can meet customer photo file produced, and also the photographers carry photographic productions if you can not find the desired picture.

We have skilled and competent professionals in Brazil, which can meet the personalized way in photographic coverage.

We provide services to newspapers, magazines, journalism agencies, advertising agencies, publishers, press office, with national and international clients. We are partners of the major agencies.

Discover our collection of pictures and our services.


An independent agency. Photography, agility, quality and seriousness.


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